Addressing accuracy concerns within your medical records




If you have online access to your medical records or have made a recent Subject Access Request (SAR) and have concerns regarding the accuracy or have queries regarding the content of your records, you may make a request for the records to be reviewed and if appropriate rectified or erased.

As a patient at the practice, in the addition to your right of access, you can apply your rights under the UK GDPR of:

  • Rectification (Article 16 UK GDPR)
  • Erasure (Article 17 UK GDPR)
  • Restriction of processing (Article 18 UK GDPR)
  • Data portability (Article 20 UK GDPR)
  • Right to object (Article 21 UK GDPR)

Please be aware that your right to rectification and erasure are not absolute rights and we may not be able to action your request. This is because medical records are protected under the UK GDPR against erasure to ensure continuity of care. Any factual errors (such as address, date of birth etc) will be rectified and amended upon request.

Further details regarding your other rights (objection etc) can be found on our privacy notice

If you would like to request amendments to your records, please contact the surgery

Each request will be considered individually on a case by case basis. A member of the team will contact you to discuss and investigate your request further, and the practice will take necessary action with your records without undue delay or at the latest, within one calendar month. In the event that we are not able to action your request, we will notify you and we will add a comment to your records to reflect your concerns and that you disagree with the content.