PPG: Meeting Minutes 10th October 2023






  • David Blount - Chair
  • Andrew Cadbury - Vice Chair
  • Christine Walter - Secretary
  • Amanda Kohn - WHLC
  • Jan Caig
  • Sadie Clarke


  • Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank Practice
  • Alex Cook - Westbank Practice
  • Cameron Cater - Westbank Practice
  • Arthur Laxton
  • Faith Wood
  • Shirley Beer
  • Valerie Santer
  • Alex Clark


Received from Claire Conway-Wright, Alex Cook, Cameron Cater, Arthur Laxton, Shirley Beer, Valerie Santer and Sadie Clarke.


Minutes of last meeting



Matters arising from the Minutes

Complementary Therapy Sessions - David had spoken to Dr Wong. Dr Wong would look in to the restriction on the online training only being available to Social Prescribers. To be carried forward.


Practice Updates

No report available.


Neuro Diversity

Claire had arranged for one of the Practice nurses to come and speak to the PPG.  David to write to Claire to check if the nurse visit can be included in the December meeting.


News from Westbank PLC

Working with the Practice it has been identified that some people use the telephone for all contact with the surgery because they are unable to use the NHS app.  A workshop is to be set up where people can come to learn how to use the app and/or build confidence in using it.  It will aim to show how to use, the benefits, what they can and cannot do.  It will also be open to friend/family members who regularly provide support to the person.  

Tania Tighe, Social Prescriber, has been secured for an extra day per week (giving 2 days a week) and will alternate weekly between Exminster and Starcross.  She will add to her normal prescribing role with support to those that need help with necessary ‘everyday’ administrative tasks e.g form filling to access services.

WHLC is contacting their volunteers to gain better understanding of the skills and experience they have so that they can be matched to volunteer activities with the aim to enrich the experience of the volunteer where possible.  WHLC also use a Health and Well-being Wheel with clients at the beginning and end of their interactions in order to gauge effectiveness of the WHLC support.

The Baby Weaning workshops have been over subscribed and are fully booked until the end of January 2024 (they run on the last Friday of each month for 10 participants).  The aim then is to follow up with cookery school sessions.  It’s recognised that there are others, in addition to some older people and families currently being supported to develop cooking skills, that also need support and WHLC would like to do more for them too.

WHLC is looking to see if they are able to provide a 7 days a week community centre.


PPG Updates in Village Newsletters

Copy has appeared in the October issues covering the PPG’s effort to establish direct communication with the Care Quality Commission and other PPG groups in the Primary Care Network.  Subjects for the input for December will be how the Practice accommodates neurodiverse patients, disposal of unused medicines at pharmacies, how appointments with care professional at the surgery (instead of a doctor) can also provide the desired outcome.


Computer link to enable flu bookings to be made on line

No report available. Carried forward to November.


Discuss ideas for topics that we may wish to feature/include at future meetings

The PPG would like to understand how the Practice assesses patient experience.  David to ask Claire for information on this at the next meeting. 





Next Meeting Date

  • Tuesday 14th November 2023 2:00pm
  • Westbank HL&LC (AGM)