PPG: Meeting Minutes 11th July 2023






  • David Blount - Chair
  • Andrew Cadbury - Co-Chair
  • Alex Cook - Westbank
  • Cameron Cater - Westbank
  • Arthur Laxton
  • Faith Wood
  • Shirley Beer
  • Jan Caig


  • Nicki Bromley - Community Services Manager


  • Christine Walter - Secretary
  • Amanda Kohn - WHLC
  • Valerie Santer
  • Sadie Clarke
  • Alex Clark


David welcomed all present.



Christine, Amanda, Valerie, new members Sadie Clarke and Alex Clark 


Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes were approved.


Matters arising from the Minutes: 

DNAs – Reasons behind these

Cameron supplied a list with 3 months comparative figures, with breakdown of DNA figures, by patient’s ages and the Practice Medical Staff. We welcomed the figures as useful information.

DNAs were spread evenly among all ages, apart from the under 25s and over 86 years. More females than men were responsible.

We discussed what WPPG could do about them. It would be difficult for us to improve the figures. 

Sending a text message to remind patients of the appointment date and time, is a positive action. 

A summary of the information regarding the figures could be publicised on the website and in the Practice Newsletter. The patients need to be informed of the situation.

The length of time for repeat appointments has been reduced from 4 to 3 weeks. 


Practice Updates

A new apprentice, Chelsea Bennett who will be part of the reception team, starts on 1st August.

David invited the group to offer their congratulations to Dr Broome and his wife on the birth of their son.


PPG Updates in Village Newsletters

We discussed Jan’s draft newsletter items.

Regarding the Care Quality Commission [CQC] which rates GP practices, we think it is important that they communicate with the PPG and patients to get a broader assessment of the practice.

It was suggested we write to the management of the CQC to raise the subject. We will need to identify the relevant contact.

Jan’s paper on other PPGs within our cluster will be covered in Item 8 on the agenda.      

In what form should they be submitted

It is important to avoid duplication of information, between Cameron’s Practice news item and the PPG’s report. Jan and Cam to liaise before submitting copy to the Newsletter editors. 

Frequency of contributions

The PPGs item to be monthly, while the Practice timing could be at the time their Newsletter is published. 


News from Westbank PCL

Our community kitchen is nearing completion and will be launching its first courses in September. The 8-week courses for low-income families, will major on budgeting and nutrition values.


Our Community Link Worker is to organise a breakfast event in October half term for families with a young carer. We will invite the families and our Young Carers lead will attend. The idea of the event is to ensure Young Carers families are aware of Westbank and the support they can seek within their own community. We are also exploring the possibility of starting a Repair Café in September. We will be using local media publication and social media to promote all the events.

Westbank have a programme of Events for the summer in Coffee on the Corner in Exminster. Information will be available on the Website and on social media.


Discuss meeting with members of the other PPG groups within our circuit (Exeter Outer Area)

Jan’s paper highlights the benefits to be gained by contact with other PPGs in our group.

We are not getting any response from the other PPG’s apart from Pinhoe, despite several attempts, so we are not sure how active any of them are.  

The idea of a questionnaire was not thought practical at this time.

At this stage we have no idea how the other PPGs operate so we need to avoid imposing our position as an active PPG. As we have no direct line of communication with the other PPGs it was suggested that Alex/Cam had a word with their opposite numbers in the practices concerned to see the best way forward.  


Discuss support for Patients in conjunction with PCN (Primary Care Network)

David was planning to invite Jenny Broad to a meeting however, she has resigned. We await information regarding her successor.


Discuss ideas for topics that we may wish to feature/include at future meetings

  • Subjects suggested.
  • Acupuncture
  • Practice administration
  • Doctor’s Specialities

Give some thought about ideas for the September meeting.



No items to record. 



No items to record.


Next Meeting Date: Tuesday 12th September 2023 2pm Westbank HL&LC