PPG: Meeting Minutes 14th Jun 2022






  • David Blount - Chair
  • Andrew Cadbury - Co Chair
  • Luke Barnes - Westbank
  • Alex Cook - Westbank
  • Shirley Beer
  • Arthur Laxton
  • Jan Caig
  • Lewys Corke - Virtual
  • Lisa Wilkie - Virtual
  • Rhona Abbott - Virtual
  • Helen Burchmore – Virtual
  • Jonathan Elphick - Virtual
  • Susan Thompson - Virtual
  • Liz Edwards - Virtual
  • Amanda Jones - Virtual
  • Claire Batty - Virtual
  • Nina Parnell - WHLC


  • Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank
  • Liz Williams



David welcomed everyone present.



From Faith Wood, Mary Ann Coate has had to resign for health reasons


Minutes of last meeting

These were approved.

Points arising

We need publicity about the Group, to encourage new members. David will liaise with Alex and Claire regarding publicity for the group in the Practice Newsletter. We need to consider recruitment publicity for inclusion in the village Newsletters. Target September Newsletters. Links with the Newsletters are Exminster-Arthur, Kenton-David and Starcross-Andrew.


News from the Practice

  • We have two new Practice Administrators (formerly Receptionists) join the team: Lorraine & Emma.
  • We also have a new FCP (First Contact Practitioner) called Sam who works alternate Tuesdays in Starcross.
  • A reminder that it was Dr Bel Stanley’s last day on the 16th of June.
  • We have now recruited a new Practice Nurse called Laura starting with us on Monday 27th June.
  • There have been a lot of absences over those past few weeks that have caused a lot of pressure on all the teams.
  • eConsult has now gone and been replaced with accuRx, which is quicker and easier for patients to use.


PPG Promotion

A Best Practice Guide

Health Watch publication, for PPG’s; Luke to arrange for an electronic version to be available on line, for all members to view. We need to plan for short term and long-term goals for the group.


Doctors could identify patients who might be interested in joining the committee.

A question in the ‘New Patients Questionnaire’, to find out if they would be interested in joining the PPG.

We need to explore what the Practice expects from the group.

For example from the past, a Diabetic Group and the Bereavement Café at Westbank HLC were formed.


Our remit is to focus on listening to understand Patients complaints, to ensure they understand the system, as they will need to talk direct to the Practice. Continue our membership of National Association of Patient Participation organisation [NAPP].


Discuss the PPG Constitution

We addressed the position of Virtual members, to get them involved more in their contribution to the group. David to write to Virtual Members to confirm if they wish to continue membership and receive copies of the Minutes. Committee to review the Constitution, without involving Practice staff members. For discussion at the July Meeting.


Parish Council & Local Building updates

There was nothing to report from any of the villages.


News from Westbank HLC

No one available to give a report.



Helen Burchmore hopes to be able to attend meetings in the future.




Next Meeting Date

  • Tuesday July 12th 2022 2.00pm
  • Westbank HL&LC