PPG: Meeting Minutes 14th February 2023






  • David Blount - Chair
  • Andrew Cadbury - Co Chair
  • Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank
  • Cameron Cater - Westbank
  • Amanda Kohn - WHLC
  • Shirley Beer
  • Arthur Laxton
  • Faith Wood
  • Jan Caig
  • Christine Walter
  • Val Stanley
  • Valerie Santer
  • Lynne Furber

Virtual Members:

  • Lewys Corke
  • Lisa Wilkie
  • Rhona Abbott
  • Helen Burchmore
  • Jonathan Elphick
  • Susan Thompson
  • Claire Batty
  • Amanda Jones
  • Roger Crane
  • Lynn Dyson


  • Alex Cook - Westbank


David welcomed all present.



Arthur, Faith, Val, Valerie and Lynne.


Minutes of Last Meeting

Were read and approved.


Matters arising from the Minutes

Invitation to Pharmacist to advise us on their additional duties as part of the Open Evening (AGM)

To be confirmed if Will Farmer is available.

Support for a Practice face-book page

The Practice does not support this at the present time.


Practice Updates

  • The Texting of patients the day before a booked appointment, still result in a number of DNAs [Did Not Attend] that require extra work chasing the offenders. There were 108 DNAs in January.
  • We discussed the idea of patients being phoned at the time of the missed appointment, in order to find out why they have not turned up.
  • The DNAs are entered in the patients records. After 3 strikes a letter/text may be sent. This is an item for the local Newsletters report. 
  • The Questionnaire sent to a random number of patients, resulted in a positive and complimentary feedback on the practice.
  • The concern over the length of the introductory phone message was again raised by patients. 
  • The complaints about the receptionists were from patients residing outside the area, who were being refused the opportunity to register with the Practice.
  • Dr Alice Clark has gone on maternity leave, Will Tomlinson will cover by working full time. There are now three full time Doctors in the Practice.
  • The Practice nurse is training in Family Planning support.
  • Molly, who is currently a Healthcare Assistant, is training to be a Nursing Associate. This bridges the gap between an HCA and a Nurse.

News from Westbank HLC

  • Amanda highlighted the financial challenges to the organisation resulting in a review of current activities. So, it is with regret that the Thursday community café at the Starcross Pavilion will close later this month, Starcross Parish Council is planning to take on the cafe from 23rd February.
  • The Starcross community food bank will continue to be run, while the Tuesday Brunch Club will continue as normal.
  • There is limited funding for Patient Transport in order to prevent DNAs and missing Hospital appointments.
  • Volunteers are welcome to help in the allotment.

PPG Updates in Local Newsletters

  • Val and Cam to action the publication.

Discuss Minutes of meetings and Terms of Reference to be displayed on Practice Website and Noticeboard

  • Display Boards are set up in both surgeries, it was agreed that the Minutes should not be displayed, while Terms of Reference and copy of the Newsletter article will be on show.
  • The minutes are available on the website.

Discuss contents of AGM programme and its circulation & discuss any outstanding queries regarding the Open Evening

  • Val in her absence emailed a number of pointers regarding the format for the meeting, especially regarding the time allocated to the speakers. The need for electronic equipment to be checked with the speakers.
  • The display sites for the posters advertising the AGM were discussed. Laminated posters have been supplied by Amanda.
  • The Open Evening Agenda was approved. 
  • The Annual General Meeting Agenda will need to indicate that it follows the Open Evening session after the refreshment break, not at 19.00 hrs as detailed on the draft copy. Val has kindly agreed to draft the agenda.

Discuss meeting with members of other PPG groups within our circuit

  • It was agreed that we proceed with this opportunity.
  • David to draft a letter to the Chairs of the other PPGs in our Primary Care network, for Cam to circulate to the relevant surgeries. 







Next Meeting Date

  • Tuesday 14th March 2023 - 2.00pm
  • Westbank HL&LC