PPG: Meeting Minutes 12th September 2023






  • David Blount - Chair
  • Andrew Cadbury - Vice Chair
  • Christine Walter - Secretary
  • Alex Cook - Westbank Practice
  • Cameron Cater - Westbank Practice
  • Nikki Bromley - WHLC
  • Arthur Laxton
  • Shirley Beer
  • Jan Caig
  • Sadie Clarke


  • Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank Practice
  • Amanda Kohn - WHLC
  • Faith Wood
  • Valerie Santer
  • Alex Clark


  • Amanda Kohn, Valerie Santer

Matters arising from the Minutes

DNAs [Did Not Attend]: Cam reported that texts were now being sent to those that DNA and letters were sent to those who repeatedly DNA. The number of DNAs was slowly reducing but was still about 100 per month.

Any reply from the CQC regarding the PPG letter concerning PPG involvement (this was discussed in May): No reply had yet been received.

Practice Updates

The new apprentice Receptionist - Chelsea Bennett - started early September (delayed from 1st August). She will be full-time with one day per week at college

The new Clinical Pharmacist - Will Farmer - starts in October. He will work for the Practice one day a week (Thursday). His role will be to review medication prescribed to patients by consultants or on discharge from hospital and its compatibility with the patient’s other medication. He would consult with the GP or consultant before initiating any beneficial changes.

In response to questions raised Cam and Alex explained that blood test appointments and repeat prescriptions for infrequent (but necessary) medication could not be done online due to the current constraints of the computer system.


PPG Updates in Village Newsletters

Jan reported that she had been unable to submit copy for the village newsletters until now and had copy for submission to Kenton, Starcross and Exminster magazines this week. It should appear in the next/October issues. While it had previously been decided that the PPG should submit copy to the newsletters monthly, Jan was concerned that the PPG would not have sufficient material every month. Topics for content would be discussed each month.


Disposal of unwanted medicines through pharmacies

It was agreed that the disposal of old/unused medicines through pharmacies would be the subject of the next submission to the newsletters


News from Westbank HLC

Nikki reported that the Community Kitchen was now open. The first 8 week course would run until mid November. If it goes well another course will run in January 2024. Participants are by invitation and will be drawn from low-income families and people who need help in cooking eg elderly men caring for their wife or living alone. Also looking at other initiatives: with outside partners such as organic farms and an activity aimed at children during half-term. WHLC had received a number of new referrals for groups at the centre which could lead to one group becoming weekly. Ballroom dancing classes were starting this month for which there had a good level of interest. However, a proposed self-defence workshop had surprisingly received no interest. There would be one more effort. At Cafe on the Corner during the school summer holiday, crafting sessions for children were held on Fridays. A baby and new mum weaning group is due to start soon. The Menopause Cafe was up and running and would be held on the second Monday of the month. At Starcross there was a Breakfast Club on a Tuesday and Table Tennis on a Wednesday. In association with the Lions Club two families were being sponsored for a holiday in Newquay.


Integrated Medical Alliance Complementary Therapy Associations

Following discussion it was apparent that more information and clarity was needed before the PPG could discuss what, if any, action it could initiate. Christine said that the link to the free online course (contained in an email sent to the PPG) clearly stated that the course was only for Social Prescribing Link workers. David to look into it further and report back at the next meeting.


Computer link to enable flu bookings to be made on line

Texts sent out by the Practice had been inviting patients to book their flu jab. For those with smartphones the online link in the text enabled a quick and easy to use process to book in. However, for those without a smartphone there was no online access and so required a phone call to the surgery. The links given in the texts had to be unique to each patient. Cam would check to see if the link given could be cut and pasted to provide access via an internet enabled device such as a desktop/laptop/iPad. The unique nature of the link was also the reason why couples/partners could not be invited together in one text.


Discuss ideas for topics that we may wish to feature/include at future meetings

It was agreed that establishing contact with other PPGs in the network would be deferred for now since, despite much effort, there had been no response from other groups. The PPG couldn’t initiate sharing of ideas if other PPGs were not active. Following discussion of issues raised by lived experiences shared within the group, the PPG would like to understand what policies and practices the Practice had in place to accommodate Neuro- diverse patients. The PPG would also like to understand what policies were in place for the Practice to take input from the patient themselves, family members or chaperones. David to request information from the Practice regarding policies in place to support Neuro-diverse patients.



No items to record.


Next Meeting Date

  • Tuesday October 10th 2023 2pm
  • Westbank HL&LC (AGM)