PPG: Meeting Minutes 12th March 2024




Date: Tuesday March 12th 2024 2pm



Attend Y/N/A Attendee Name
Y David Blount - Chair
Y Andrew Cadbury - Vice Chair
Y Christine Walter - Secretary
Y Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank
Y Alex Cook - Westbank
A Cameron Cater - Westbank
Y Amanda Kohn - WHLC
Y Arthur Laxton
N Faith Wood
Y Shirley Beer
Y Jan Caig
A Valerie Santer
Y Sadie Clarke
N Alex Clark


David welcomed everyone to the meeting. DEB



Apologies had been received from Cam, Faith and Valerie. CW


Minutes of last meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting were Agreed. DEB


Matters arising from the Minutes

NHS funding for Hospiscare in Devon: Since the last meeting Cam had circulated the response he had received from NHS Devon in which it was stated that they had not reduced the amount of money they give to hospices and were aware of the funding challenges hospices faced.  The executive were working on plans to move towards equitable NHS funding for all four of the adult hospices in Devon from 2024/25.

It was Agreed that there was no need at this point for a representative of Hospiscare to visit one of our meetings.

David wished for the item to remain on the agenda.

Cam had also confirmed (via email to PPG 21/2/24) that he had amended the Practice website so that the PPG was referred to as the Patient Participation Group (rather than Patient Group).

Cam also confirmed that Dr Broome had recorded a message for the phone system to promote Pharmacy referrals.



Practice Updates

The latest Friends and Family survey results were very positive with 98% rating their experience as Very Good or Good.  Only two responses gave Poor or Very Poor.  Since the survey is anonymous follow-up with these respondents is not possible.

Currently most appointments are made over the phone but the NHS want to promote making appointments via the NHS app.

Receptionists are trained to triage so that they can book appointments with the clinician who has the most appropriate expertise.
Receptionists are also receiving training in social prescribing.

Tania Tighe has been designated Carer’s Champion as the Practice was keen to identify carers so that support can be offered if needed.  WHLC already identify those with caring responsibilities and would liaise with the Practice.  Amanda added that the ICB was keen to identify unpaid carers who save the NHS £2.34bn.

Claire put forward the idea of the PPG canvassing patients in the surgery waiting room in an effort to get more input to the PPG.
Discussion of the idea followed.  Idea to be discussed/developed further at May meeting.

Claire highlighted that Kenton were holding a May Day event on 6th May and suggested it could provide an opportunity for the PPG have a stall and to speak to people.  The Practice had a pop-up gazebo and Claire agreed to fund two pop-up banners which would be PPG branded with key messages of identify and purpose.  David feels that at the present time, as this event has not yet been confirmed it would be impracticable to organize anything at such short notice. If the event is a success this year then we can take the necessary steps for next year.



News from Westbank PLC

Amanda reported that WHLC was working to be recognised as a Carer Friendly Employer by supporting WHLC carers in the workplace so that they are enabled to also carry out their role as carer.

The Community Larder in Starcross was being well supported and overall the community was very interested in helping others and would make known its needs.  Some practical in-home help (e.g. DIY tasks) was also being given where appropriate/possible.

However, WHLC faced very challenging times ahead with expected budget cuts.



PPG Updates in Village Newsletters

Input for the April newsletters would be promotion of the AGM using a ‘poster’ format that Sadie would provide.  Input for the May editions would give a report on the AGM.



Discuss preparations for the Open Evening/AGM

Sadie had produced a visual for promotion of the PPG.  It would provide branding and key messages and could be adapted for use as a poster, leaflet, digital display, newsletters, pop-up banners etc.   Sadie would produce and laminate a poster format to promote the AGM.  Christine and David to email Sadie with number required for display in Exminster and Kenton. Andrew will cover Starcross.  Sadie would also produce leaflet for take-away at AGM.  

Posters to be displayed from 4th April.

David will produce a ‘welcome’ notice which Amanda will place on each seat. She will also arrange provision of refreshments.

David will send a letter to each presenter to ask them to forward their slides to Amanda one week in advance.  Amanda would collate all the material into one presentation.

DEB / All


Discuss ideas for topics that we may wish to feature/include at future meetings – Healthwatch

Carried Forward. All



None. DEB/CW



None. All

Next Meeting Date: AGM - Tuesday April 16th 2024  7.00pm Westbank HL&LC
Regular Meeting – Tuesday May 14th 2024  2.00pm