PPG: Meeting Minutes 11th June 2024




Date: 11th June 2024 - 2pm



Attend Y/N/A Attendee Name
Y David Blount - Chair
Y Arthur Laxton - Vice Chair
Y Christine Walter - Secretary
Y Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank
A Alex Cook - Westbank
Y Cameron Cater - Westbank
Y Amanda Kohn - WHLC
Y Faith Wood
Y Jan Caig
A Sadie Clarke
Y Anette Grahns-Doan
Y Sheelagh King


David welcomed everyone to the meeting and a new member, Sheelagh King.



Alex and Sadie were unable to attend today.


Minutes of last meeting

Approve Minutes of the meeting held on 14th May 2024: The Minutes of the last meeting were Agreed.


Matters arising from the Minutes

Patient Transport - ‘advert’ for waiting room monitors - carried over.


Practice Updates

The most recent NHS Friends and Family survey had generated 118 responses of which 100 gave really positive or excellent feedback.  5 responses were negative and Claire gave examples of the feedback given.  Due to the anonymity of all responders it was not possible to follow up on issues raised. It was suggested that the survey could include an ‘opt in’ for the respondent to be contacted for a follow-up.

Claire/Cam to suggest to NHS team.

David gave example of lady who was required to attend surgery for a blood test but was unable to do so because she was housebound.  It was explained that Practice nurses did not do house visits, that was the role of the District Nurses.  The blood test would have to be classed as Urgent for the District Nurse to attend.

David asked if appointment confirmation texts could be personalised when sent to people who shared a mobile phone.

Cam to check if any personalisation can be done.

Anette asked if patients could be advised on how to make repeat prescription requests.  Currently there were 3 different systems that could be used.  Cam explained that since the COVID, when the NHS app was promoted heavily for access to COVID vaccination records, more emphasis was being given to making the NHS app the main patient access point.  Drop-in training sessions were going to be delivered by NHS digital team to which patients would be invited. A session was being held in Starcross on 2nd July 2pm-4pm.  Amanda suggested that finger print/facial recognition was needed to assist those with difficulty remembering passwords.

Jan highlighted that the process at pharmacies for prescription ordering / collection had changed but there had been no warning.  Claire explained that the change had been initiated by the pharmacies.  Claire to ask Will Farmer to attend PPG to explain new process.  PPG can then promote awareness.


Canvassing patients in the surgery waiting room in an effort to get more input for the PPG:  

Leaflets providing information about the PPG and a separate sheet for sign-up to a virtual PPG had been produced by Sadie.  These were ideal to have for people to take away. David and Jan had visited Starcross surgery waiting room on 29th May 2.30pm-4pm.  Anette and Christine visited Exminster on 30th May 2.30pm-4pm.  Overall it was felt that the sessions were worthwhile.  There had been a positive reception from each person approached and all but 2 people accepted information leaflets about the PPG.  However, as yet there had been no recruitment of new members.  Anette suggested a ‘tear off’ section could be incorporated for those who might be willing to give some immediate feedback.  Claire would consider including information to encourage recruitment and an email link into the PPG in the Practice Newsletter.

Some specific feedback had been collected regarding access to the information on noticeboards in the Exminster surgery for wheelchair users and on follow-on gym sessions at Westbank for those prescribed a course of sessions for rehab. Claire would look to see what can be done regarding noticeboards.  Anette added that font size used in materials should also be considered.  Amanda explained that the rehab gym sessions could be repeated on request and that there were designated hours in the Westbank gym where there was a trained instructor present.  It seemed as if better signposting and communications was required to advise people of options for ongoing rehab activity.

It was Agreed that the activity would be repeated again at morning surgeries in July. Dates to be agreed at the next meeting.


Creation of Virtual PPG

Cam was the collection point for ‘recruitment’ responses and had 2 forms from Open Evening.  On receipt Cam would send a generic ‘Thank you’ reply. Responses would be forwarded to David who would make an initial contact.  Virtual members would be sent meeting agendas and Minutes and invited to feed in any comments/issues.


Support of other PPGs

Recent efforts to engage with other PPGs had received little if any response.  It was felt that since COVID some PPGs had struggled to re-establish.  Prior to COVID there had been periodic meetings of local groups which had been good forums for sharing and learning.  Claire would contact local Practice Managers towards the end of July to propose a meeting later in the year in an effort to re-establish the initiative.


News from Westbank PLC

The Health Walk project was celebrating its 20th year.  On average 1000 people walk each month and 36 walks are offered each month.  Expansion to offer walks in the evening and weekends was being considered.

Devon Carers are celebrating 25 years.

There had been a Celebration of Volunteers week.  Westbank currently have 226 active volunteers.

From September the ante-room at Cafe on the Corner would be used for ‘advice and support’ clinics for anyone who needed help with non-medical issues such as difficulties due to cost of living.

The new Community Development Manager - Rosie - would attend the next PPG.

The 7th foundation course in the cookery school is aimed at bereaved men.  The baby weaning courses continue and in addition a course on child oral hygiene was being developed with funding being sought from oral hygiene product manufacturers.

The Food Larder in Starcross was working really well but not so in Exminster. WHLC looking at how Exminster can become more successful.


PPG Updates in Village Newsletters

Jan would include NHS app drop-in training sessions, prescription ordering changes and PPG visits to surgery waiting rooms.


The future of the NHS in England Health Foundation - webinar

Anette had come across a recent Health Foundation webinar ‘The Future of the NHS - what do the public think?’ and gave a summary. Survey work had been carried out by IPSOS.  The overriding message was that people were willing to pay a little more tax to fund the action required to improve the service of the NHS but only if all of the extra tax went into the NHS.


Discuss ideas for topics that we may wish to feature/include at future meetings – Healthwatch

Carried over.






Christine advised that she would be absent for the next meeting.  Anette volunteered take the minutes.

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday July 9th 2024 2.00pm Westbank HL&LC