PPG: AGM Minutes 18th April 2023






  • David Blount - Chair
  • Andrew Cadbury - Co Chair
  • Amanda Kohn - WHLC
  • Shirley Beer
  • Arthur Laxton
  • Jan Caig
  • Christine Walter
  • Val Stanley
  • Valerie Santer

Virtual Members:

  • Lewys Corke
  • Lisa Wilkie
  • Rhona Abbott
  • Helen Burchmore
  • Jonathan Elphick
  • Susan Thompson
  • Claire Batty
  • Amanda Jones
  • Roger Crane
  • Lynn Dyson


  • Claire Conway-Wright - Westbank
  • Cameron Cater - Westbank
  • Alex Cook - Westbank
  • Faith Wood
  • Lynne Furber


David welcomed all present.



Claire, Cameron and Alex


Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the last AGM are from February 2020, Covid has interrupted further development. There are no matters arising.


Terms of Reference

These are now displayed on the Practice Notice Boards and the Practice Website.

Val was thanked for drawing up the Terms of Reference


Election of Officers for 2023-24

The following officers were elected to serve for the forthcoming year:

  • Chair – David Blount.  Proposer Val. Seconder Andrew.
  • Vice Chair – Andrew Cadbury. Proposer David. Seconder Val.
  • Secretary – Christine Walter. Proposer Andrew. Seconder David.




Updates from Practice

Presented during the Open Evening session.


Any Other Business

The results of the CQC reports were discussed, we explored ways to give our feedback, as we believe our practice is outstanding.

The CQC reports no longer seek the opinion of the PPG which we hope to rectify.

To be an item for the May agenda.

We need to plan what key items we can major on for our support of the practice, we need to approach Claire for ideas

Following up points from this evening’s presentations.

We can publicise concerns over DNA’s in the Newsletters and on the Website.

We can also publicise the disposal of unused medicines, equipment, (inhalers etc) via the Pharmacies as was highlighted in Will’s report


Next Meeting Date

  • Tuesday May 9th 2023; 2.00pm
  • Westbank HL&LC (AGM)