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Book face-to-face or telephone appointments with your GP or a Paramedic that suits you. 

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NHS Symptoms Checker - Health A - Z

You can check your symptoms online using the NHS Symptoms Checker before you book an appointment with us. Check your symptoms using the link below:

Use the NHS Symptoms Checker - Health A-Z


Routine Appointments

Routine appointments are available and can be pre-booked with the doctor of your choice. These are for non-urgent matters and for patients who prefer to have continuity by seeing the doctor who has been looking after an on-going problem.


All the Doctors and Nurses work to appointments

Demand for appointments has increased over the years; we are still trying to keep up with demand and have made major changes to the appointment system to provide a faster and better service. There are 3 types of appointments.


Book on the day appointments

Book on the day appointments are available by ringing each morning at 8.30 am. These are usually for more urgent matters that cannot wait until a routine appointment is available. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to see the doctor of your choice, although we will try to accommodate your request.


Emergency appointments

Every day one of our doctors is the emergency doctor and deals with all requests (including visits) for urgent advice and treatment that aftermoon. If all the 'Book on the Day' appointments have been taken, the E-doctor deals with anyone who feels unable to wait until another day. The Reception Team will take a telephone number (a land-line number is preferred) and the E-doctor will ring back. The doctor has the ability to offer an appointment if necessary or give telephone advice.


Golden Rules for Appointments

  • If you decide that your appointment is no longer needed, please ring up and cancel so that someone else can have the appointment instead
  • Does more than one family member need to see the doctor? If so, please make a separate appointment for each person
  • If you have several different problems to discuss, please make a longer appointment or separate appointments. Your doctor has only 10 minutes for each routine consultation

Cancel appointments you don't need