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To be eligible to register at the practice, you must live within the practice catchment area.



The Practice welcomes new patients. When you register with us, we will request details of your past medical problems so as to avoid delay while we wait for your records to reach us. Hand written records can take anything up to three months to arrive at the practice. Even in these days of coded computerised medical records, there is as yet no way of transferring the electronic record from practice to practice, which is particularly irksome. To register at the Practice as a new patient you will need to complete the following pack and return it to our surgery with a form of ID listed below.

New Patient Registration Pack



The NHS guidelines for new patient registrations have been put into place in order to ensure that patient registration fraud within the NHS is minimised. When you register with the Westbank Practice you will need to provide a combination of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Local authority rent card
  • Paid utility bills
  • Bank/Building Society cards/statements
  • National Insurance number card
  • Payslip
  • Letter from Benefits Agency/benefit book/signing on card
  • Papers from the Home Office
  • P45

It is preferable that one item of photo ID is provided, along with one document containing your address. Please bring these when registering at the practice together with the completed GMS1 Form and New Patient Questionnaire.


Register before you need us

Many new patients only register with us when they have a medical problem. We strongly recommend that you register when you move into the Practice area. This advice applies particularly to students who often forget to register with a doctor when they arrive at college. Other fit young professionals are rather proud of the fact that they still are registered with the family doctor where their parents live and regard it as a weakness to even consider that they might one day require an urgent appointment! While we would hope not turn any unregistered patient away, who requested help, it is much more sensible to plan.


New Patients

At the time of registration, patients are encouraged to see the practice nurse before consulting the doctor as much of the information regarding past medical problems can be sorted out then. If you are attending for a new patient check with the practice nurse, you may find it more convenient to bring a fresh urine sample with you rather than produce one at the time. The receptionist will hopefully give you a suitable container for this without drawing attention of the fact to the full waiting room of patients.


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Non English Speakers

These fact sheets have been written to explain the role of UK health services, the National Health Service (NHS), to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum. They cover issues such as the role of GPs, their function as gatekeepers to the health services, how to register and how to access emergency services.

Special care has been taken to ensure that information is given in clear language, and the content and style has been tested with user groups.

Open the leaflets in one of the following languages:

england English Urdu Urdu
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bulgaria Bulgarian poland Polish
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