Dental Problems




As  General Practitioners,  we are  occasionally asked  for  help for  dental  conditions;  however , we  do  not  have  skills  for the  management of dental  conditions and  are  obliged to adhere  to the BMA  and  LMC advice  below:

"GPs should not attempt to manage a condition requiring dental skills unless they have the appropriate training and expertise. Both the civil courts and the GMC require doctors to have appropriate skills for any treatment they offer.

Even in cases where the patient is not registered with a dentist, and the GP is unable to contact a local emergency dental service, the treatment of dental problems is not the responsibility of GPs. In such circumstances, the patient should be advised to contact local urgent or emergency dental services, or in severe circumstances the nearest accident and emergency department"

If a patient asks a GP to supply an NHS prescription the GP must refuse unless they are sure they are able to accept sole responsibility for that prescribing decision. If a legitimate need for an NHS prescription cannot be established, under paragraph 39(1) of contractual terms , it should not be provided.”

image representing a dentist