'Coil' (Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device/IUCD) Fittin​g ​Questionnaire

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If you are interested in Intrauterine Contraception, or currently use it and are due to have your device changed, please take a little time to complete the following questionnaire. Your answers will be checked by a doctor, then you will be contacted to either arrange a coil fitting appointment or a pre-coil fit consultation, which will either be a telephone or face to face appointment. The questionnaire helps us understand your needs and suitability, but please do make an appointment to discuss things further if needed, or if you prefer not to complete the questionnaire. 

An appointment for IUCD insertion is 30 minutes with both a nurse and a doctor, so please ensure that you let us know if you are unable to make the appointment so it can be taken by someone else.

There are very few people for whom intra​uterine contraception is not suitable​, but prior to fitting, some do need further investigations. To try to save you time and ​unnecessary appointments, we are using this questionnaire.

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Pre Intra Uterine Contraception (IUC) Questionnaire

This is a shorter appointment with either a doctor or one of our trained nurses

Please be advised: if your Mirena or copper coil is out of date, or your Nexplanon is over 3 years old, or you are more than 14 weeks since your last Syana press or depo injection, then you need to be using alternative contraception. If, however, your Mirena was fitted over the age of 45, or you have a copper coil lasting 10 years that was fitted after the age of 40, these can be relied upon for contraception until after the menopause or until age 55, unless needed for HRT. The Mirena must be changed every 5 years if used for HRT purposes.

Sexual Health Questions

It is important to be sure there is no chance that you are pregnant when you come for your IUCD/coil fit appointment. ​Copper IUCDs can sometimes be inserted as emergency contraception, but we are unable to offer this service - it can only be offered at the Family Planning Clinic. Please ensure you have used reliable contraception, or have abstained from intercourse between your last period and your coil fit appointment to ensure you are not pregnant. We can fit IUCDs/coils during a period just so long as you are not bleeding heavily. 

You will need a face to face appointment with a doctor as you are likely to need an examination before deciding whether intrauterine contraception will be suitable.

There is a small risk that when we insert the IUC, if you have an infection in the vagina it is pushed up into the uterus. To further reduce that risk we test any lady who doesn’t have symptoms but might be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

If you need a test, we can either provide a chlamydia self-test kit, or you can see a nurse or GP to have swabs taken. If you have any vaginal discharge you are concerned about, you will need to have swabs taken by a GP or nurse or at the GU clinic.

If you classify yourself as very low risk of STIs you might not need any swabs taken prior to the IUD/coil fit appointment, but you must be sure about this.

IUCD/coil fitting can sometimes cause brief cramping at several points during the fitting process (which takes up 10-20 minute of your 30 minute appointment). Local anaesthetic gel or spray is often used to minimise the discomfort and you’ll be advised what to expect in terms of any discomfort during the fitting. You are also likely to get some mild cramping for a few days after as it settles in, but if you take ibuprofen and/or paracetamol 1 hour or so before your appointment, this helps to minimise any discomfort.

If any of the above questions have raised queries for you, then please do book for a chat with one of our GPs who specialise in sexual health to discuss. It is important to remember that risks and complications of IUCD/coil fitting are very uncommon and the benefits of contraception that can be fitted and then forgotten about for 5-10 years are many. For many women, avoiding the reliance on higher dose hormone contraception, or the benefits for control of periods with the Mirena and Jaydess, far outweigh any risks. 

The above questions are simply a way of ensuring that we fit IUCD's safely. Thank you for completing our questionnaire.

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