Childhood Immunisations

For full details of childhood immunisations please click here.

For more informatoin on the NHS vaccination schedule please click here.

If you have any queries regarding childhood immunisations please do not hesitate to contact the Surgery and speak to either one or our Practice Nurses or your GP.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell who dreads vaccinations more the parent or the child. Hopefully, some of the tips listed oppositewill help make the procedure easier for all concerned.

Preparing your child for vaccinations.

  1. Be honest and tell your child what is going to happen in language that they will understand ie simple terms. The injection will keep them healthy and safe.
  2. Try to remain calm yourself as your child can pick up on your concerns.
  3. Distraction at the moment on injection is helpful. Have your child look away or have a joke or comment ready. You may want to bring your child’s comforter, dolly, teddy, favourite car etc.
  4. Praise your child after the injection.
  5. Plan something fun after the injection. A comic or a trip to the park or the cinema. This also helps the next immunisation experience.
  6. Explain that it is OK to cry but try and be “really brave”.
  7. Maybe let your child pretend to give dolly, teddy or action man a vaccination and then stick on a plaster.
  8. Reassure your child before, during, and after your visit.


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